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CAS & DMA Tools
CAS & DMA Tools 

Assess your level of digital technology readiness and commitment or assess the level of maturity and commitment of target firms for circular transformation

OTC Training

Training modules for intermediary organisations (operators) providing knowledge and skills needed for understanding key circular economy principles, the application of the digital technologies and assessing company’s investment opportunities.

CAT 4.0 Training

Modular training course as a tool for SMEs to be delivered by the operators. CAT4.0 is designed to steer and facilitate the circular transformation by deployment of digital technologies.

Circular 4.0 virtual exhibtion

Take a tour of our virtual showroom and learn more about our activities.

*OTC and CAT 4.0 courses are available on the TalentLMS platform. A registration is needed for new users. For assistance e-mail us at or

We are pleased to announce that our Circular 4.0 project is a finalist in the REGIOSTARS 2023 competition in the thematic category for "A COMPETITIVE AND SMART EUROPE".

The public vote is open! We kindly invite you to cast your vote and help Circular 4.0 become the winner of REGIOSTARS 2023.