What is CIRCULAR4.0 about?

Our objective

The main objective of the CIRCULAR4.0 project is to strengthen digitalisation processes by SMEs to foster innovation processes and accelerate the transition to the circular economy in Alpine Space.


Our focus

The introduction of new technologies, notably the internet of things and big data tools, is enabling the development and introduction of new circular economy business models, often based on sharing and leasing but also reuse and remanufacturing. New technical systems and tools enable the tracking of products or materials during their life to enable extended use/life and maintaining the highest possible value. Meanwhile, design and manufacturing capabilities are evolving with advances in production, material science and manufacturing, e.g. 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

Our plan

CIRCULAR4.0 addresses specific objectives to Integrate the EU circular economy Action plan with specific actions addressed to the Alpine Space area and its peculiarities, focusing particularly to SMEs (eco-design and innovative business models), value-chain and clusters according to S3 and the EUSALP strategic sectors; policy makers (integrate circular economy into innovation policies for SMEs and 2020+ Programme).


Circular Acceleration Training 4.0

We offer a modular training course as a tool for SMEs to be delivered by the operators. CAT4.0 is designed to steer and facilitate the circular transformation by deployment of of digital technologies.